hello, hello︎

I’m Carmen Meyer, a fourth year Communication Design student at the University of Cincinnati who loves to try new things and break the rules.

With a background in fine arts, current education in design, and a deep love of motion design and videography, I pride myself in my abilities to adapt, problem-solve, and have fun all at the same time. I am confident in my strengths and always looking to improve my weaknesses, and I truly love creating and collaborating.


︎︎︎ These are values of mine and I make it my main priority to stick by them in everything I do and make. I also strongly embrace the fact that things are never perfect, but that is the beauty of life, of people, and of creativity.

I am stoked to see where I go as I continue my journey in this digital world. If you’d like to join me, reach out and let’s chat!

(859) 206-5304