JWAY Merch Drop

Creative Direction
Product Photography

// Procreate, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom
JWAY is a lifestyle brand created by dirtbike Youtuber Two Stroke J. This merch collection is inspired by one of his newly rennovated bikes, with the goal of introducing and promoting the new bike to his audience, thus creating excitment around the new collection and encouraging viewers to purchase.

The deliverables for the collection include a shirt, poster, pair of gloves, and a vinyl sticker, as well as product photography and a product launch video.

Mood Board + Supplier Research

// Benchmarking similar products, several print shops, and comparing stock product prices, quality // Color palette inspired by bike, street style art and type


// Concepting + Sketches

// Final Designs (Front, Back)

// Mockup + Printed Shirts




Product Photography

// Stock + Promotion Photos

// Featured on Instagram

Launch Video

// Creative Direction + Videography by Carmen Meyer (me)
// Edited by Two Stroke J