Salem Witch Trials Tarot Deck

Infographic Design
Data Analysis

// Figma, Illustrator, Procreate
This tarot card deck contains data from a collection of articles about the 1692 Salem Witch Trials, in which the content was analyzed, grouped, and designed to create a non-traditional infographic in a set of 8 cards.

The set draws inspiration from tarot cards, which are a tools used for divination and reflection.
In combination with modern illustration styles, the cards serve to inform and entertain.

Article Collection + Data Analysis

// researching the salem witch trials and collecting a variety of articles and data sets

Key Research Findings

// article information condensed into key findings

Initial Card Sketches + Mood Board

// moodboard establishes typographic inspiration, color palette, and visual graphic styles

// sketches of potential card concepts, including a timeline-based infographic, a traditional one-pager graphic, and a multi-card, tarot inspired layout

Color + Type Pairings

// COLOR: inspired by old newspapers, with high contrast between light and black and pops of color derived from tarot cards and ‘witchy’ aesthetics

// TYPE: inspired by bold, serif, and slab-serif typefaces typically used in historical texts and on public announcement flyers during the 1600-1800s, and contrasted by modern, sans-serif typefaces to represent modern witchcraft practices (like tarot) and the new age

Timeline Iterations

// the most challenging part of the card designs due to the quanitity of information that needed to fit within limited space

Final Timeline Design

// timeline is split across the back sides of each card, with the events of each section of the timelines relating to the theme of the rest of the card’s information

Final Card Designs

// Highlighted Person: Samuel Parris
// Card Theme: Puritan Theology

// Highlighted Person: Tituba
// Card Theme: How To Catch a Witch

// Highlighted Person: Sir William Phips
// Card Theme: Pro Parris v. Anti Parris

// Highlighted Person: Bridget Bishop
// Card Theme: Peace To The Victims